Central Africa’s only pure-play Copper Miner

Company introduction

A copper exploration and development company with a significant, highly prospective landholding in the central African copper belts. The Company has three main assets: the West Congolian Project in the DRC which includes the Mbamba Kilenda deposit; the Kayeye Project in the DRC; and the Lunga Project in Zambia; All three projects have significant high-grade resource potential.

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DRC: West Congolian Project

Project overview
The West Congolian Project is located in the Kongo Central Province of the DRC approximately 70 km south of the capital city of Kinshasa and comprises 1 exploitation licence and 12 contiguous exploration permits, comprising 546km2.
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DRC: Kayeye Project

Project overview
The Kayeye Project is located in the Lualaba province of the DRC 50 km southwest of Kolwezi and comprises one large exploration permit covering 231 km2.
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Zambia: Lunga Project

Project overview
The Lunga Project is located in the Northwest Province of Zambia approximately 230 km northwest of Lusaka and comprises one large-scale exploration licence covering 292 km2.
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With exploration and development projects across the DRC and Zambia, Central Copper holds licences and permits to potential high-grade, large-resource projects that that have the potential to be some of the best copper projects in the world.

Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

A familiar jurisdiction with the market, mining is a critical sector for the DRC economy: as one of the largest exporters of copper globally, and surpassed only by Chile, the country hosts some of the world’s largest deposits of diamonds, gold, copper and cobalt.

DRC overview


A world class mining jurisdiction governed by a strong mining code. Copper has historically been Zambia’s largest export and continues to be to this day. The country is home to the ‘Copper Belt’ deposits which are mined by some of the world’s most prolific mining institutions.

Zambia overview

Licence areas

1.0 Mtpa

Projected 1.0Mtpa nameplate copper production mining over a 12-year LOM

1,004 km2

Exposure to total licence and permit area in DRC

292 km2

Total licence area in Zambia

The copper market

Copper’s conductive properties, malleability, tensile strength, slow corrosive process and durability all make the base metal a critical resource, and especially dominant in the global energy transition away from a reliance on hydrocarbons toward renewable energies and electric vehicles, equipment and infrastructure. Over the past year, the price of copper has seen a dramatic escalation, with some analysts anticipating the start of a decades-long commodities super cycle.

The DRC and Zambia have long been famed for their extensive, high-grade copper deposits, the export of which has defined the countries’ economy.

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Global copper long-term outlook

“Central Copper Resources is primed to capitalise on this moment in the global energy transition as we advance exploration and development at our projects across southern and central Africa. With our experienced management and leadership team, Central Copper has the capacity to bring these unparalleled projects to production, operating in best practice in order to bring returns to our stakeholders and shareholders.”

Luke Knight, CEO